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buRgandy juRk Group Photo

boRn fRom the fiRes of a pennsylvanian steel mill, and infused with punk Rock angst, buRgandy juRk emeRged into the woRld. this band of undeniable misfits bRought with it a multilayeRed yet highly eneRgetic sound that is so puRe, so Raw and so unbelievably outRageous that all of Rock and Roll asked “aRe you being seRious Right now?”

these people would not be stopped, well, some of them would, but they weRe Replaced. and so, just when eveRyone thought that this feveR dReam was all oveR, these tRiumphant tRoubadouRs began to Reap the RewaRds of theiR haRd woRk. yes, these men weRe well on theiR way to becoming Rich and famous Rock gods. and how else would you celebRate 20 yeaRs and 4 albums of music? pick up, Relocate to phoenix and staRt all oveR again.

and so heRe they aRe, pRoving that they aRe still somewhat Relevant by amassing an eveR gRowing aRmy of well wisheRs and teaRing up the stage at such venues as the Rhythm Room, club Red and even the Rebel lounge. you will be compelled to shake youR booty as theiR bRand of chuRning guitaRs, gRooving bass and thundeRing dRums dRive youR mind into ecstasy oveR and oveR again.

this is the tRue stoRy of buRgandy juRk.